Friday, July 18, 2008

Well, we made it!

What an adventure to move half way across the country!! We had an ABF truck moving the majority of our belongings and it would be arriving 3 days after us so we chose to also tow a Uhaul trailer behind Dan's truck with the main items we'd need for the first few days- mattresses, kitchen stuff, table, loveseat.... We made our first pitstop on Chattanooga, TN at my parents' house where we crashed for a night and then took my mom with us for the rest of the journey to ride/drive with me to help me stay awake. At the end of the first day of driving we received great news that we had an offer on the house!!!!

We had gorgeous weather along the way, almost cool, low humidity- like Michigan in the summer, not Mississippi.

On the third day of driving, Dan's truck started acting funny. His transmission could not go into 4th gear- not cool with towing a heavy load. We figured it had to be the first day of driving through the mountains that did it in. We don't know why it didn't present itself on the second day, but thank goodness b/c there was nothing to be had in Mississippi. We made it through New Orleans and having to climb all of the overpasses of Houston just did it in (Houston is 100 mi. wide!) We slowed it way down but the truck was hurting so rather than getting stranded on the side of the interstate, we stopped at a truck stop in Katy, TX for help. And for all you guessing out there, our daughter's name will not be Katy!!

What stress!! How were we going to get the Uhaul trailer to San Antonio since the truck was toast and also how to get the truck there? All the while, having a deadline of 7pm to make it to the apartment in time to get the key! We considered all kinds of options. Unload the truck at a Ford dealership in Houston and get no money for it (transmissions are not cheap to rebuild or replace)... rent a Penske truck to drive with our items transfered into it so it could tow the truck... leave the truck at the truck stop??? What to do?! As Dan said, it was like tripping and falling at the 23 mi mark of a marathon...

We borrowed the Katy/Houston phone book and started making calls. Either way it seemed like the price was going to be outrageous. I made a few disheartening calls to towing companies and their rates were pretty high and we were still 167mi from San Antonio. Then all of a sudden a larger ad for 'Guardian Angel Roadside Service' caught my eye- they even had Psalm 91:1 listed in their ad. Was this a sign?! How amazing, he could tow the truck with the Uhaul still attached and for 1/4 the price we were getting quoted otherwise!! What a sigh of relief!

We shuffled some belongings around and Dan and Baxter joined my mom and I in the Honda and we were on our way again. Mimi and Baxer 'shared' the back seat. We made it to the apartment with 10 minutes to spare!

Wow, that's all we could say. This whole idea of uprooting life to take a chance was a bit intimidating and that was without knowing all that was to come. I really do believe through this experience that God will not give you more than you can handle. Neither of us would have stayed as calm had we not known there was an offer on the house to offset the new costs we were incurring. And then to find that ad for the Guardian towing service and have it pan out to be such a blessing at a time like that. Amazing!

Ever since that major hurdle, things have been great. Everyone is SO nice here. The apartment is, well, an apartment. It's actually very roomy, but its just 27 yrs old and I guess we've been spoiled in our last 2 homes. It's only temporary and we can take our time to find the right house. Moving in town will seem like a breeze after this!

Dan has started coaching and has coached his first meet already. I think he is going to do great and there has already been positive feedback from the kids and parents. Its so nice for him to finally be doing what he loves and not completely exhausted at the end of the day. Already, this is the most time we've spent together in a long while.

I have also started work. I started my 1 1/2 week orientation off with a bang by passing out in front of my entire orientation group! :) They say its not uncommon around this stage of pregnancy for that to happen but geez! the timing couldn't have been better. 10 minutes into the first day and there I was on floor. I woke up seeing the faces of a bunch of strangers- luckily all nurses- standing over me. I heard one say, "Aw, she's just preggers". Yup, pretty much. Don't call an ambulance. I'm completely fine, just a little embarrassed. It's amazing how I didn't splat flat on my belly though. Go ahead, its ok to laugh, I am right now!

I transfered my care to a Midwife group and will be delivering at one of the local hospitals. I had a first appointment already and am very pleased. Baby survived the move just fine.

We officially closed on the house yesterday. What a sigh of relief there. All things are squared away and now we can go back to being excited about the upcoming event in September!!

(the belly shot is at 33 weeks)