Monday, June 21, 2010

a little photo-shoot

I took Grace out for a little photo session yesterday afternoon. I had put her in this dress and decided she looked too cute to just let it go and end up with dinner all over it. Plus, it felt like it had been awhile since I had captured the munchkin on 'film'- at least for me. Since any last attempts, Grace has learned to say 'cheese' and ham it up for the camera. She will also think she is posing just because she is saying cheese even though she is distracted and looking elsewhere. I take what I can get.

We went to a sprinkler park and I thought surely Grace would have a blast but she, again, is like Baxter. She'll submerge herself completely in the pool (Baxter in the pond) but does not like to get sprayed or sprinkled on.

On the other front, the bean is turning out to be a feisty one, almost or equally as active as Grace. I think this is week # 31, and I am feeling rather large... Moving is getting more challenging- like it now takes 3 good shifts to get up out/off of the couch. To my credit, it IS a deep couch, but nonetheless.... Kind of crazy to think only 9 weeks (or less) left. I am not counting on making it to 8/26, although it would be neat if Bean and Grace shared the same birthday.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

fun with Mimi and Papa

Grace likes to drink from a cup; she also likes to shake and pour her cup like a sippy cup, hence the wet front of her shirt and the fact that she is only allowed water in a cup for now
Fun at the pool! Darn, my daughter wants to go play at the pool, I guess that means we HAVE to go, that's too bad... The challenge, though, is the fact that Grace will sit at the edge of the pool and turn to slide herself in to the water-anywhere, even when its too deep for her. And she does not want anyone to hold her, yet of course she can't swim yet... Miss Independent...

Gracie and her Papa

Grace thoroughly enjoyed having 4 adults-worth of attention all weekend. When Dan brought her home from school the first day after my parents left, she searched the entire house calling for Mimi and Papa. Little girl doesn't understand. Now its back to seeing them in the box on the desk with Skype