Saturday, February 19, 2011

half of a year

Don't let the look on Lia's face fool you, she went to town on the squash today for a first try. This is more the face for the baby cereal. Every trick, funny face, tickle has been tried but she won't open her mouth to eat cereal. Squash, yes.

my girlies

Lia is almost able to sit up on her own except that she pushes with her legs to lean back. It figures, coming from the girl that sleeps with both hands behind her head (not the typical baby touchdown pose, but truly behind the head), just loungin'. Chill and laid back in every way.

pretty in pink

my little cowgirl, trying out a new dress from the neighbors
We cooked up a pasta dinner for the team Sunday night before conference. Thank goodness Martha had just gotten in to town and help me get it all together. I bet she got more than she bargained for! And we cooked more than we bargained for; spaghetti anyone?
Part of the deal for swimmers is to dye their hair and/or get wacky hair cuts before conference because they're going to shave their heads anyways. There's Grace tucked in with some of her favorite guys, Josh, Chappy and Ste'b'en.
On a legitimate cold and snowy day, Baxter didn't want to stress himself, so he made sure to bask in the sun and lay by the fire. As if he has any stress in his life... You wouldn't think, but apparently he does- look at all that gray hair!

So happy... So cute...

big gummy grin

It was truly cold, the snow was very powdery and did not pack well for snowballs. But it was melted away by 3 that afternoon.
Waking up to a snowy morning in Texas? That's just not supposed to happen! I was loving the cold but I think that is just because I know it won't last but a week at the most. Sometimes its fun to have a good excuse to stay inside all day and cuddle up. I can say that because this past week we have been in the mid-70's all week, feeling more like April than February. Gotta love Texas!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

lots of pics!!

PJ's and snuggles!!

Hot Chocolate and 'marshmawas'

Dan thinks it was mean of me to cut Lia's hair and that her current nap difficulties are because she doesn't like the hair cut either. I have to admit, I was a little traumatized myself at first but I'm thinking she looks quite cute now. I was so curious to see the blond fuzzies that were showing underneath and well, She was beginning to look like the had a Gene Keady comb-over :)
STINKER FACE!! just like Kalina

Grace has insisted on wearing her butterfly fairy costume every day since last Thursday, including napping in it. I guess life is just better when you prance around in a tutu :)

Lia's first time swinging at the playground. Looks like she took to it well. Grace was more interested in pushing Lia's swing than swinging herself. What a good big sister!

Stylin'! Isn't Grace's hat awesome?! Aunt Sheri made one for each of the girls. Super-cute!

Baby hair and toothlessness. I think this was just before I got the scissors out... And Lia's been teething so I needed one last shot of that cute, gummy grin
delectable piggies