Thursday, May 19, 2011

three quarters of a year

So cute these days... Lia loves to express her joy by clapping and full body wriggles and she clasps her hands together as if she were saying, 'I am so pleased!'
Lia is thinking pretty hard about crawling, FINALLY. Miss Content hasn't been in a hurry to get going. She's figured out how to roll and pivot on her belly to get to just about anything she wants. She now get up on her hands and knees and rocks like she's trying to work up the guts to go for it. And with this newfound talent, she has discovered that sleeping up on her knees with her bootie up is quite comfortable.
Lia is loving the finger foods for sure. I think (hope) we can do away with the mush. Bananas are her favorite and she recognizes them. You had better not let her see one unless you plan to let her have it!

We took our trip to Indiana just as we had hoped to do in May. Maybe slightly different circumstances than originally planned for but nonetheless we made it there. It was awesome to see family and see the girls with their cousins on both the Parman and the Carrington sides.
Grandma Pat-Pat and the Carrington girls
We visited the zoo in Chattanooga. Lia couldn't hang. Grace took it all in, loved the animals but especially loved the carousel. (look at that big nerd on the polar bear!!)

Apparently Gracie likes giraffes because these are two different carousels and she had to ride the 'graceful giraffe' on each one.
Coolidge Park in Chat-town
Tatum and Grace plotting out their next great adventure!
Parman cousins finally together!
Our newest member of the family, Isaac Robert Parman. What a cutie!!!
Lia, thinking about the crawl
What a cute little nerd!
Lia and the hook. Baxter just sat there and took it as she poked her tiny finger in his nose, eyes, ears, between paw pads. Any questions whether labs are good dogs for children??

Takin' it back retro 80's style: It cracks me up to see Gracie playing with toys that I played with 20-some years ago. Arrrggghhh!!! That makes me sound pretty old!
'til next time...
Looks like we are heading to NC!! In perfect honesty, we were really hoping for Indy to work out but it will be nice returning to our married home and to friends that are like family. Baxter is looking forward to getting back to his roots. We are looking forward to getting back into a home that is our own again.
Its always interesting, following along on the Carrington family adventures. Stay tuned!!