Tuesday, July 19, 2011

happy 11 months!

Li-Li, the latest nickname. Lia is crawling, finally!!! She is pulling up on anything and everything and having a hard time wanting to sleep lately because there is more pulling up to be done, including in the crib!! She is creeping along furniture everywhere, pulling up, and you can see her debating if she can branch out without holding on. She also likes to sit and walk her feet so that she spins in a circle- quite funny to watch but almost impossible to catch on camera because as soon as she sees you with the camera, she immediately starts crawling to get it. Lia has her first four teeth breaking through on top plus one on the bottom all this past week- a little rough but nothing a little ibuprofen can't help. Lia likes to imitate sounds like coughing and smacking her lips. And she will beeber on command- hillarious and another one of the most beautiful sounds I know :) She loves playing peek-a-boo with Grace or doing it herself. Grace is so good about entertaining Lia. It is a most beautiful sound to hear both girls giggling in the backseat as Grace does funny antics to make Lia laugh. We went to Cinelli's (yummmm....) for pizza the other night, the kind of place that puts the big pan up on an elevated platform on your table, like extra yummy (so good to be back!). Grace and Lia were playing peek-a-boo under the pizza pan and it was the cutest thing ever. To see the cute look of anticipation and adoration on Lia's face for her hero, big sister Gracie.
Gracie-kins... I guess she is giving us a warm up for what is to come once she turns 3. Everyone says the 3's are worse than 2's... Grace has been talking back and just being a strong-willed little thing. She spent her whole nap time fighting the nap and finally 2 1/2 hrs later she actually napped. Argh!!!! She is so funny though, her creative, pretend play is coming out. Sometimes its so goony but it also makes me remember from way back in the day when Sheri and I used to mimmick what we watched on TV. Grace loves to watch 'Bugs Bunny' with Dan after lunch. She likes the 'Run Roader, S-bester the cat and Wiwey Cyteo'. Cracks me up!! Grace can count to 20 now without skipping numbers and she is fascinated with identifying letters and pretending to read (thanks Super-Why). The other day Grace slipped away and it was all too quiet. I went down the hall to find her with my water spray bottle and a baby washcloth spraying the wall and wiping it. She said,'I'm cleaning' and had a sheepish grin like she thought she might be in trouble. I just started laughing. Apparently I've been cleaning a lot lately (true- trying to get this house up to par). Here, let me get you a rag and how about you start wiping the doors. I will always take a willing helper!!
I have started back to work at UNC, back on my home unit. I was leery about going back to work, but less so since I am heading back to my favorite place to work. And it does feel good to have time away and not just adult conversation but intellectual topics.
Keep the prayers coming for work for Dan.
A very cool thing: Dan was baptized last weekend and I got to help 'dunk' him :) Always knew he wanted to but was just waiting for the right time and that was definitely now.


Showing the girls where I went to nursing school and the big hospital where I'll be working. Love UNC!!

The Spaghetti Saga...
When I looked at this face, I did not know what else to do but carry Lia straight-armed to the bath tub. She lost the battle with the spaghetti- AGAIN! I think Lia does it on purpose because she loves to splash in the bathtub. (Note the hand print above the left eye)

Squeaky clean- it can be done!!


Uncle Benny

Happy 4th of July!!!

Doesn't it look like Tyler and Grace could be brother and sister?! They had a blast playing together on the 4th of July. Pool plans were rained out, but they managed to wear each other out!!!

What a little ham!!!