Monday, December 27, 2010

Best Christmas photo ever!

It was killing Grace that she couldn't eat one of Santa's cookies as she put them out for him.

Dr. Gracie

Grace received a guitar, cowgirl boots and a doctor kit for Christmas. She now must wear her boots everywhere she goes!

This is what happens when forehead and corner of the wall meet. I'm really not sure who won the battle because the wall has a pretty good dent in it as well. I thought I was seeing things when I saw a blue line starting at her forehead all the way down to the corner of her mouth. Then came the big goose egg.

Before the collision, my little towel-wrapped pretty

Lounging on Christmas day. Baxter was excited that Santa Paws brought him some new tennis balls.
I know, it seems horrible, where is Lia you're asking? Well, unwrapping started at 6:20 since Grace is an early riser and was quite excited. Lia pretty much slept through it all. She didn't get up until 8:15. She got a jump-a-roo but isn't completely sure of it yet. She has flashed a grin while in it so I think she's warming up to it.
We spent Christmas at home and it was very relaxing. We had Christmas dinner with our neighbors across the street, our surrogate family.
We have helped Grace give us the gift that keeps on giving- she is potty trained!!!! (except for maybe at night but we'll take it!) A crash course in bare-bottom romping around the house starting Tuesday before Christmas, a slight handful of accidents and now she's got it going!! Yeah!!!! I'm seeing $$$$$

Sunday, December 19, 2010

lots of fun!

Happy 4 months to Lia!!

Tatum and Grace together. As soon as we arrived to Colorado, Grace and Tatum were off to play together and it was like none of the rest of us were there.

Christmas feast at the little girls' table

Chutes and Ladders with Grace hoarding all of the characters, oops, guess that's why they say for ages 3 and up...

If only you could have seen what and how many attempts it took to come up with a great photo like this with all 4 looking good. It might have been just as fun to have a video of Aunt Christy and her heroic antics behind the camerawoman (me) to keep these girls happy and cooperating. She is a better person than I. :) Here we have the 4 Carrington cousins, Liana, Kalina, Grace and Tatum, ranging from 4 months old to 3 years, 4 months and 1 day.

my Christmas babies

The eldest cousin, Tatum, looking quite sophisticated, an interesting snowflake and the little elf saying, 'Hey! Get me out of here!'

Grandma Pat-Pat/Lola (depending on whose household) and the Christmas girls

Pocky and Pat-Pat/Lola. Things were beginning to get testy...

There was too much excitement at the house and Grace was having a hard time napping. We decided to take a drive and lull her to sleep. What unfortunate views we encountered! Geez!! I would have to hike/run/bike EVERY day if I lived here. It is just so beautiful. This was Red Rock State Park. It looks like the Colorado version of Sedona.

Once the girls were awake, we found ourselves in Golden, CO and decided to get out and explore. What a neat town with an amazing mountain profile as its backdrop. We had a little hot cocoa to warm up, strolled through downtown and saw the beautiful Christmas lights as we were leaving. It truly felt like Christmas with it being legitimately cold.

Lucky Dan will be returning here in 2 weeks with his team for their Christmas training trip. They'll train hard core and compete against Colorado School of Mines. Wonder what a week of training at altitude can do for the swimmers?
We celebrated Miss Kalina's first birthday, coming up on the 28th. She was a delicate explorer of textures but before we knew it her little cake had been completely brought to crumbs. The big girls had their cake and were wired and were super excited to open Christmas presents. You should have seen the shreiking, jumping, running and giggling that went on. Too much to even capture on camera. Luckily there were no casualties.

Early Merry Christmas! What fun!!

Thursday, December 9, 2010


We baked Christmas cut-out cookies today. It only took 3 outfits, a cleaning of the entire kitchen and morning and afternoon sessions to get them done. Ohhh, there was flour everywhere. And then there was water everywhere (not cookie related, but my distraction tactic definitely backfired). I was truly surprised that Grace didn't go to town more on the icing when it came to decorating but she did like the sprinkles.

We now have a new Christmas Elf and a big girl

Looks just like an elf, doesn't she?

Oh so cute, but what's with that face? For those of you that know, yes, she is definitely my daughter...

There's my smilie

so pretty...