Tuesday, August 31, 2010

its a rough life

Watch this... big sister is already picking on Liana...

(Sorry this picture wouldn't rotate no matter what I tried!!)
Grace must have taken notes from Dan on how to be a pest... :)

But then she's so sweet you can't resist her, just like her dad...

Hard at work being cute

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Liana Rachel

When are they coming home?!
This pregnancy approaching birth was so normal and calm compared to Grace's arrival. For those that don't remember, labor starting the night before we were supposed to be closing on our house in San Antonio... Luckily this time we are in the same house, it is already home to us and Mimi was able to get in to town and have a day to settle. For a slight second I did think we were going to start this one the same way- Mimi's here, its time to come out! The evening she arrived here- 8/18- I was sure labor was starting. I somehow managed to go to sleep, power of mind apparently worked as I was hoping not to do an all night labor again. I was glad I had my OB appt. that day to see what, if anything, was going on. Something told us to pack our bags just in case...

The OB said grab some dinner and then plan to head to the hospital. Once things got going, it all happened really quick! Liana Rachel was born on August 19th @ 11:16 PM. The suspense while we waited for them to say if it was a boy or a girl- 'its a girl' and Dan says, 'Well, tell them her name.' Liana Rachel Carrington. Her version of a little chaos was to have pooped in utero (made her dad proud)- causes respiratory problems immediately after birth- and then to have issues with her heart rate dropping too slow right before she was born. She was fine, the nurses just wanted to take her first just to make sure, then we got to hold her. I was surprised that I felt completely calm while they were working her over and I was stuck in the bed and couldn't go see what was going on. She was in good hands. I nursed her and then they wanted to keep her in the newborn nursery for a little extra monitoring just to make sure her breathing was ok. I was fine with that- I was tired and if she was allowed to be in our room, I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have slept b/c of worrying...

Grace made her appearance as 'big sister'. She was very excited to see Dan and I and also 'the baby'.

It is crazy just how much these two girls look the same at least in these early days. I have a picture of Grace that looks almost identical to the one up above. Going to have to start labeling them really well.

Jealousy and regression...
Poor Grace doesn't quite know how to get the attention she thinks she deserves so she is being a bit difficult, you could say. And the girl who never would take a pacifier or sit in the infant bouncy seat, suddenly wants both. She wants up in the crib to watch the mobile, to be swaddled in a blanket. Ah yes...

but then she's incredibly sweet and loving to Liana. Patting or rubbing her gently, giving her smooches. While holding Lia, I leaned over Grace in the booster seat to give her a kiss and she reached out and gave Lia a hug- very sweet

I never processed just how big Grace has become until seeing her by her newborn sister.

We were so sure this baby was a boy and I was worried if Dan might be disappointed at all, but we are both on cloud 9 with this little girl. There is something extra sweet about having two girls.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

its about time...

I was beginning to get nervous, feeling that this baby might try to come and I wouldn't have taken a single profile shot of the belly... My good friends Abbey and Dinorah insisted on throwing a baby shower for me, which was very sweet, and I snagged Abbey (while I was actually sort of dressed up nice) to snap a few pictures

>It was a nice and relaxed shower. We played a game that I've never done or had done to me before. Everyone was supposed to roll out the streamer to their best guess of the circumference of my belly, including me. I was impressed with how close everyone's estimates were. And then there was mine... They jokingly said, 'Make it as big as you feel'- so I did. My streamer made two laps around my belly with just an inch to spare. I believe the phrase that comes to mind is... 'large and in charge...'
Earlier in the day, we went to the Rockin' River water park where Little Miss Pish had a blast.
play water... fun water... jump water...
Minor incident... nothing a smooch couldn't cure.