Monday, January 26, 2009

Grace is 5 months old!

This was my audience one morning while eating breakfast :)
Dressed up for 5 month pictures. Dan claims I'm torturing Grace but she's just too cute! Grace has been working on her abs lately. Anytime she's reclining, she curls up, trying oh so hard, eventually sits upright, and then goes too far and ends up toppling forward. Her infamous fuzzy hair got a trim for the first time. It was so long it was almost reaching her eyes. Its thinned out a bit and her new fuzz is growing in alot lighter, almost looks blond. We'll have to see...

Grace has been up to all sorts of things this last month. She has started eating cereal. Its like a fun little project each new thing we try with her. She gets most of it on her face but she has the right idea by leaning forward with her mouth open. Wait, she does that to anything that's out in front of her these days. Everything goes to the mouth to be sampled. She really has been taking notes from Baxter on his theories of life- if it looks interesting, taste it. Grace has become very aware of Baxter and loves to watch him, loves to get kisses from him and tries to pet him. Baxter's 5 months of 'neglect' will soon be replaced with more attention than he's ever wanted, tail getting tugged on, ears being yanked... but he's still so good to Grace, even though he is still getting to eat only 2x to her 5x/day, always a little jealous...Baxter already learned when Gideon visited that feeding time for the baby means potential feeding time for Baxter so he hovers near by when we are experiementing with the cereal.

I'm ready, feed me!

So that's how you chew...


Grace's crib has become more of a playground than a place for napping these days. We used to keep her swaddled up so she'd stay warm and nap well, that's hopeless now!! She gets unwrapped, rolls onto her belly and turns every which way in the crib. She scoots around with her butt up in the air-scary how close she seems to be to crawling! Its funny to hear the music of either her seahorse or the music board coming from her room when we were assuming she was sound asleep. Then comes the 'self-talk, the happy shreaks and the 'motor-boating'... She's high on life and such a joy

Sunday, January 18, 2009

So soft and cuddly...

Hello, me!

Where are we going? Groceries again?!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Fun with Mimi and Grandpa

Grace had a wonderful time with Mimi and Grandpa. Lots of hugs, love and attention. It turns out Grace was getting sick with they were in town but was a real trooper and still went out and about with us and was generally her happy self. Dan and I had a date night while Mimi and Grandpa watched Grace. It had been since our anniversary night since we've had a dinner for just the two of us! Of course, the whole time we were feeling like we were missing something without Grace with us.

wind-blown baby!!
We celebrated Christmas on New Year's Day.

Even with Grace decked out in Colts gear from head to toe (thanks Grandma Patti!), they let us down!! So sad...And now its even more sad with Tony Dungy retiring!