Wednesday, October 28, 2009

doing pretty well...

You know... in my pediatric nursing rotation they encourage play-therapy with the kids because their actions reflect alot about their home-life that they are unable to express otherwise. I wonder what Grace is trying to say about our parenting??:)

the frazzled mother
It cracks me up to watch Grace. She's had this doll since her birthday and had no interest in her whatsoever. So much that if I put her in the play stroller, Grace would fling her out. All of a sudden Sunday night she has started to try to sit the doll with her on her special seat. It has only expanded from there to taking her for stroller rides (in the form of bumper cars) and at the end of the day she puts the doll to bed. That part is at least reassuring to me about Grace's perception of our parenting :), its really cute to watch her cover her up with the wadded up blanket and then pat the doll on her back to help her fall asleep.
Things have been pretty good/interesting/busy here. I'm not sure where the month of October has gone, I thought it just started... Dan has hired an assistant coach that can't start soon enough- he's been incredibly busy. Their season is about to start with the team heading to Little Rock, AR to swim in an invitational this weekend. Coaching must be rough; I woke up last Thursday morning to a text timed from 6:34 a.m. saying, "I think I broke my ankle." Hmmmm... Luckily (I guess) it was a high ankle sprain. Thank goodness for the on-site care of the athletic trainers. It has gone through a rainbow of colors, looking pretty impressive.
I ran the LiveStrong Challenge 5K with my friend Jodie and our girlies rode along with us in their strollers. I think Grace liked cruising at the faster speeds. I was bummed that I did not catch a glimpse of Lance Armstrong though.
We went to see Third Day in concert last week. It was Dan's birthday present. The concert was awesome!! It was a pretty intimate setting. The music is much like the praise music from Hope Chapel in NC or Celebration Church here x 10. It felt like we were at the best Sunday morning praise ever. They were so down to earth. At one point when it went dark between songs, the band reappeared in the middle of the audience and played acoustic, taking requests from the crowd. Awesome!!
I think it is finally safe enough to mention that our house is sold. We were set for a 10/22 closing but then there a few paperwork hold-ups and it was put off to 10/29. So here we are the night before, a thousand signatures done and notarized, monies in place, papers overnighted to San Antonio and hopefully no last minute phone calls!

Saturday, October 24, 2009


Miss Pretty
Grace Church, circa 1881, in downtown Georgetown, TX
Here are the yellow bikes that are part of what makes Southwestern University famous. These yellow bikes are all around campus with the understanding that you might ride one to class and then someone else will ride it to lunch, as long as they don't leave the campus

Saturday, October 10, 2009

pumpkins galore!!

Today we headed west into the Hill Country to the town of Marble Falls to go to a pumpkin patch. The Hill Country is beautiful, its like a miniature version of the Blue Ridge Mountains. And its only 30 minutes away! It was tons of fun and believe it or not, the jacket and fall-ish clothing was not staged. It was only in the 50's today and it felt great!
It was a good night to make chili and Dan has the gas fireplace going as we speak. No, its not that cold nor is our blood that thin, but you have to take what you can get sometimes. Just 2 days ago it was in the 90's!

Monday, October 5, 2009

the many faces of Grace

It must bother Grace for Baxter to be naked. She picks up his collar, brings it to him and tries to put it on him or hands it to him expecting him to put it on. She also likes Baxter's bed ( hair....) He humors her while she's there and the moment Grace moves on to something else, Baxter reclaims his bed with a groan of ownership.
' Equinsu-Ocha'
Let me guess, White Devil, White Devil

piggies... way too cute!

touchdown!! or just a really good banana

so mature...