Friday, March 14, 2008

Here's the belly...

Here's my HOT profile at week 15 :) There's definitely something in there after all!! For all of those early weeks of feeling a little lousy with no evidence of the reason. Now that I'm feeling fine, the evidence is starting to show itself. Some of my pants are starting to fit a little snug. Thank goodness it's only scrubs that I have to wear for work!
I had another doctor's appointment today and all is well. Heard the baby's heartbeat via doppler and he/she must be a little more chill at only 150bpm now. Dan and I have tried to listen with my stethoscope but its too early to hear it ourselves. I hadn't thought about this before but the doctor asked if I've used the doppler at work to take a listen. No, I hadn't yet. Hmmm......

Spring is here!

Spring has sprung around here. The daffodils and flowering trees are out and its beautiful!!

To the beach!

We took a much needed getaway last weekend to the Outter Banks of North Carolina. It was nice to get away from the daily grind and finally get to spend some relaxing time together. As you can see Baxter enjoyed the beach. We couldn't throw the retrieval dummy fast enough for him- he'd flop it to us and bark at us if we didn't throw it again right away. We saw dolphins and saved a star fish one morning, visited the Cape Hatteras lighthouse and took a ferry to Okracoke Island. Too bad it became stormy while we were there. The wind was blowing so hard it was shaking the entire house on stilts. And it wasn't even a hurricane!! We still made the most of it and enjoyed the change of pace and scenery.