Monday, August 20, 2012


 Nerdy and cute

 Yeah for new markers!

 Girls' Weekend!

 Gracie and her stuffed animal wall.  She built it (all before breakfast on Saturday morning) by carrying one animal at a time from the basement all the way up to the second floor.  She got a good work out- sweaty and all!

 Happy Birthday, girls!!  Sandbox!!

  The big kid was excited to play in the sand, too!

 The Gracie

 Weela, the Blond Bandit

 Happy Birthday, Lia!!

 Kitties!!!!  Suddenly Lia buckled under the pressure and became shy about blowing out her candles and didn't even want to eat her cake after she messed up the icing design on her piece- she started to cry.  Too funny!!
 Not too bad for a homemade Hello Kitty, huh?


 Before the tears...

 They swarmed me like a flock of seaguls on the beach as if I had just opened a can of Pringles!  Kitty!!!

 Lia's elf-like grin...

 The dance party!  Burnin' off the sugar!

 Happy Girl!!