Sunday, April 24, 2011

doing well so far...

Well, we survived the two-day drive from Round Rock to Chattanooga, TN with some tears shed, sore tooshies, yet sanity intact. Thank goodness Mimi could come along to help wrap up the last odds and ends that just seemed to keep multiplying. Just when you think you have your house packed and ready to move, darn those obnoxious little things that need a home! She was also a big help in the car since I had both girls in the back seat. There was no way to divide them up unless we wanted Baxter to be panting his hot, stinky breath in one of the girls' faces. We made it with out having a DVD player- it can be done!
I think we owe McDonald's some money or something because I think we stopped at 5 different ones in two days to let Grace burn off some energy.
We are here in Chattanooga hanging in limbo until part of the unknown becomes known and we find out if we are moving back to North Carolina or to Indianapolis. Either place would be fine with me. As we talk and plan and imagine for each one, Dan and I would talk about what we loved, remember something we disliked and then think of something we'd miss at the other place if we ended up not going there. Did that make any sense? Bottom line, we'll be happy where ever we are, we'd just like to know where we are supposed to be.
Baxter is getting used to his bird's eye view at his new 'home'. He enjoyed the roadtrip with Dan in the truck. :)
Lia is 8 months!! (a few days late, I can't imagine why...)
She's a blast! She is discovering all of the wonderful things her hands and mouth can do. She is waving like a beauty pageant queen, pat-pat's everything, claps, and loves to use the hook (her pointer finger) to touch and explore all things. Especially the screw holes on her toys. Since her pointer finger has been out, I thought she might have fun going for some cheerios but Lia won't use her thumb. She goes for the cheerio with each of her pointer fingers like chop sticks, gets it close, leans her mouth down close to the tray and then it drops over the edge and never makes it in to her mouth. Lia doesn't seem to mind, she is very focused about it and keeps working at it. A tough life when that is your hardest thing to accomplish in a day :)
Lia is motorboating, clicking, learning to gum that rare cheerio that makes it in to her mouth. Her first tooth has broken gum after 3 months of major teething.
Gracie loved Easter this year. She meticulously colored eggs. She practiced hunting for Easter eggs. She was surprisingly eager to put on her Easter dress Sunday morning (clearly not my daughter!!)

Last minute coaching from Dad on how to throw that elbow and bring home the most eggs
Proud of her catch
My parents' church has their Easter service at Coolidge Park on the Tennessee River with a big Easter egg hunt and all sorts of fun activities. Then we had a picnic lunch on the river and Grace had a blast playing at the playground while Lia kept practicing her wave :)
my pretty little Easter bunnies

BUSTED!! sleeping during church service
the pageant wave

Goofball Jones playing in the little kiddie pool in her new swim suit from the Easter Bunny ;)

Thursday, April 14, 2011