Thursday, June 26, 2008


We just returned from a nice little relaxing vacation to Ft. Walton Beach, Florida with the Parman side of the family. This vacation was planned since February and it seemed a little crazy to go in the midst of all else we have going on, but it was nice to NOT be able to pack boxes or fret over the cleanliness of the house for showings for a few days. There was lots of R & R to be had at the beach and pool- no agenda, just ahhhh....

I also traveled to Indy for a wonderful baby shower put on by Mel and her mom, Linda. It was great because I was able to see many good friends and family that might have otherwise not seen the belly in person.

And now we're back to action. We both have our last day of work tomorrow, a couple more boxes to pack, we'll load up the moving truck on Saturday (with lots of great help) and we'll set sail Sunday morning.

I had my last Raleigh OB appointment today. All is well. I had to drink the super-sweet drink and get my blood checked to make sure I don't have gestational diabetes (everyone has to do this about now during pregnancy). You have to fast for 3 hours leading up to drinking the sweet stuff. What cruel torture to tell a pregnant woman she can't eat for 3 hours! I grabbed my medical records from the office and its on to San Antonio!

Dan is very excited, no doubt. He will be giving the official salute as he leaves work tomorrow. I have slightly more mixed emotions leaving a job that I love but it will be worth it in the end because I'll finally get to see Dan again besides the last hour of the day as we veg. on the couch because we're so tired. All of this just in time where he won't be working so much and can get to enjoy his daughter when she arrives.

We'll let you know when we make it to San Antonio!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Go West!

It seems as though all of the updates thus far have been about belly and baby... There has become a new focus to our lives in the recent few weeks. We are taking our life together to San Antonio, TX as of the end of this month. Dan has finally been given the opportunity to get in to coaching full time and can ditch the pharmaceutical world and 70 hour work weeks!! Things have been a little bit of a whirlwind, you could say. The team flew us down to visit over mother's day weekend. We made the most of it and I interviewed at 2 hospitals, we looked at houses, slightly learned our way around the city, and visited the Riverwalk. We took about a week to make the decision to move (lots of turmoil- mostly for me. My every action was saying I wanted to move but I kept having an inner argument that would fluctuate every 5 seconds between yes and no)

Now, here we are with 60% of the house packed up, jobs lined up, moving trucks ready, old jobs quit and just impatiently wanting our house to sell (its only been on the market 13 days). We're also squeezing a trip to Florida in between now and the move- one that was planned long before we knew about this move!

This chaos/craziness that has come about seems to be a big blessing. It would have been no fun for Dan to be working that much once the baby girl is born and the timing of the move is good. Many coaching jobs would have wanted him to start in September, which would have been nearly impossible with the baby arriving early that month.

I feel blessed and am so grateful to be a nurse at a time like this. One of my two interviews down in SA offered the same day and the other one has since offered as well. No stress about finding a job, I can even use the two of them to get the best $$ deal- yeah!!

Its funny too, ever since we started entertaining the pretty real idea of moving down to SA (before we even visited) I had thoughts where I figured I'd feel disappointed if we DIDN'T move. After considering the challenge of the move, life just seemed like it would be boring if we stayed- same jobs, same surroundings, already knew the doctors and hospital where we'd have the baby. Ya, crazy, I know.

Other small things have happened along the way to tell us that we're not totally crazy for making this move at a time like this. At my most recent OB appointment, I mentioned that we'll be moving and won't be delivering the baby with their practice. When I mentioned where we'd be living my doctor's eyes lit up and he said, "I did my residency down there! I have two great doctors' names to give you that I went to school with!" How perfect! And big sigh of relief, otherwise I was going to have to resort to my method of random name selection in finding a doctor, which I really don't want to do at 2 months prior to delivery.

Also, everyone we've talked to that has ever lived there can't stop gushing about how much they love that city. It'll be only a matter of time before we're the same way. Luckily we'll already know one couple to get started. One of Dan's good friends and former teammates from BSU and his wife live there as well.
And yes, the baby is doing fine. My belly is growing accordingly. Its funny to look back at the last pictures and how I thought my belly was big then... These pic's are from weeks 25 & 26.