Saturday, March 27, 2010

it's spring!!!!!

The beautiful bluebonnets are everywhere! Along the side of the interstate, in fields, along country roads. And apparently I am prematurely excited- they'll be even more beautiful and dense in the next few weeks. All of the small towns will be having their bluebonnet festivals, each boasting they are the 'bluebonnet capital of Texas'. I don't care, I just love the pretty flowers!

At the rodeo, Grace had fun petting the goats, deer, llama & sheep. She didn't enjoy the pony ride so much... I thought surely she'd have a blast and only cry because she had to get off the pony....

Bevo!!! Texas Longhorn

Sunday, March 14, 2010

I've almost turned every page of every book, says the rapid page-turner. Forget relaxing storytime right now. We're lucky to get one or two words read before someone is moving on :)
Flip me again, Dad!!
After an afternoon of walking on the greenway in Georgetown, someone just had to have Mexican food (ok, ok, it was me). We weren't exactly prepared with anything for Grace but the little Texican made the most of it. We already knew she liked the tortilla chips, but this time she insisted on dipping her chips in the salsa. It was all fine and good for a bit and then the heat hit her and she started crying and licking her fingers. We had to order her a milk to put the fire out. Later, she still wanted to dip her chips in the salsa. Parental judgement said, fake dip it, she'll never know. I did not have any utensils for her but little make shift girl used the chips as a spoon for her refried beans, quite resourceful. She was also caught groovin' to the Mexican music :)
We spent Sunday afternoon at one of the huge playgrounds in the nieghborhood. Baxter got to swim in the pond, we flew a kite, and Grace romped on the playground. Oh ya, and Dan and I got a good workout, walking 25 minutes each way to the park. It was a gorgeous day! Later we grilled out some Texas-sized burgers... if only every day could be like today...