Friday, December 26, 2008

4 months old

Grace is ever-changing. Her cute coo's have turned into shreaks, she's rolling in succession, giggling, and grabbing for toys and bringing them to her mouth to sample (much like her big brother does...). Grace now seems to be aware of Baxter and watches him as he walks around. She gets a drive-by smooch from Baxter every now and then. She must be taking notes on how he plays with his toys...everything goes to the mouth to sample. Grace likes to get tossed in the air and gasps-shreaks when she's caught with a big smile on her face- high on life!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Miss Claus

Baxter was very excited about his Scooby Snacks!
Little Thumbilina

'twas the night before Christmas....
We hope you all have a wonderful Christmas! Santa came early to our house, we celebrated ours on Christmas Eve since I'm working Christmas day. It was 75 degrees so we took a nice hike and went to Christmas Eve service. Grace was excited to open her presents - she wanted to eat the wrapping paper more than anything. So excited that she had to take a nap!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Gracie on the go

Grace has mastered the art of rolling over. Any time we put her down to play,if we look away for 2 seconds, she's already on her stomach. And she has so much to say! Listen to her baby battle cry! Too bad it makes her spit up if she stays on her belly too long so we keep flipping her back over and she keeps on rollin'

Christmas spirit

Naughty or nice....Grace has no idea what all the fuss is about this time of year, but it sure is fun for us! :)

We went downtown to see the lights on the RiverWalk to get in the Christmas spirit. It was so warm out, we didn't even have jackets on and our sweaters were too hot! The lights were very pretty but so much for feeling like Christmas time!!

(it came out blurry but it looks kinda cool all the same)

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

three months today

the big quarter-year old
Time keeps flying by! Especially now that I'm back to work, the work days fly by and I get to squeeze in a day with Grace and Dan in between. It seems that there is always plenty to do on my days off but its nice to relax with Grace and enjoy cuddling with her. Grace is in good hands and has fun hanging out with Dan during the day while I'm gone and our babysitter in the evenings.
Miss Grace has been busy, too. She has decided rolling over is her favorite thing to do and flips from back to belly every chance she gets. She is becoming ever more 'talkative', and many times she wants to share her deepest thoughts during meal time which is cute but also a little frustrating.... She likes to take baths in the big tub now and kick and splash. She's been to the nursery at the gym and will probably check out the nursery at church soon, too, unless her manners improve (she had a huge burp at a quiet point during the service. We had a lot of looks our way, mostly smiles, when they realized it wasn't Dan) :)
Its hard to believe the holiday season is starting tomorrow with Thanksgiving. It isn't exactly cold down here so it seems a little odd for the stores to have their Christmas decorations out and the Christmas music playing while we walk around the outdoor mall in short sleeves.

We can at least pretend it gets cold around here

Bathtime in the big tub!!

Where's Grace?!

Aunt Windy came to visit

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

a new friend

The self-portrait of me and Sheri
Sheri and Gideon came to see Grace all the way from Ft. Wayne, IN

Cute tooshies, in their little 'G pants'

Grace's first playmate, Gideon

want to snuggle???

Grace's favorite PJ's

Sunday, October 26, 2008

time flies!

Grace is now two months old! She loves to show off her new talent of smiling and can switch from crying to smiling and back in a flash. We are having lots of fun with her- her smile is so captivating and she almost giggles here and there and is definitely making googley baby talk. She is nice and portable right now so we've been out and about downtown to the RiverWalk and to the Spanish missions with Uncle Ray and Aunt Mel, to the pumpkin patch and the town of Bandera, the 'cowboy capital of the world'.

Like mother, like daughter... This was my dress when I was a baby and Grace looks about as thrilled as I'm sure I was (or still am) to be all dressed up. Much happier up above!!
Uncle Ray
Aunt Mel

The Spanish Missions

Chillin' with big brother

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

the munchkin

fun with dad

uncle ray and aunt mel came to visit

mohawk girl

sleepy head