Monday, December 5, 2011


We stopped at the Boyd Mountain Christmas Tree Farm on the way home from Chattanooga. What a fun place to visit!

Look at the elf wearing the cow jacket next to Santa!

Raspberries for bugels? It works!! And much to the delight of Lia who gets questionable delight from sticking her finger in holes. LOL!!!

Love it!!

Papa and the 3 littlest ones. Grace was a bit of a party crasher. Oh well!!

I think every grandchild has been photographed in Mimi's red rocking chair from her childhood. Lia and her sitting obsession definitely enjoyed a little 'Lia-sized' chair.

There's Lia attacking my big teddy bear that Santa brought for ME when I was five. Let's not talk about how old that bear is!!

My super-cute nephew, Isaac

The cute hats Sheri made last year still fit! And perfect holes for the piggies to poke out!!

Oh, Moose-Moose...