Saturday, March 19, 2011

Spring is here!

Here's my little 7 month old cutie! Look at that big head and those skinny little arms (the legs are equally skinny) :-)

A rarity- the family photo :-)

Cutie # 2

We went to watch the women's NCAA Swimming Championships since it was held at UT. Dan got to see his friends from Duke. Grace liked watching the 10 meter diving. She would watch intently while they prepared and cheered with the crowd every time
What an impressive pool, and to think about the legends that have been born there or have trained there...

Lia's new favorite game: 'Who's coming to get me? Let me see...'

The Stinker Face
It makes random appearances and goes in spurts where Lia will do it all of the time for a few days and then its gone for a week.

Every time a drop of mush hits the tray, Lia reaches her cute, gummy, long and skinny fingers for it and starts scratching it all around. This time I just gave her the rest and let her have at it!

Trying to live up to her name...
Grace pulled out these pink tights from her drawer and asked for help to put them on. 'Who are you?!' Certainly not my daughter!! So I helped her take it a step further and she became Ballerina Gracie

The big gummy grin Lia likes to hide from the camera

Gracie is turning in to a big girl
Now when things are eerily quiet, its not always a bad sign. I'll peek in the playroom and Grace will be sitting on her bean bag chair looking at books or just listening to her music. Just chillin'

Yeah for spring!!!

'Why must you stick your tongue out when you give me smooches?' wonders Lia.