Thursday, August 27, 2009

the big 01!!

Proud parents. Grace did not disappoint in her cake smashing performance. She was even warming up the crowd as the cake was getting cut. Such a ham!! We had all of our family in town and a couple of friends from San Antonio that drove up to help celebrate. It was a house-full but we wouldn't have wanted it any other way (even though we had just arrived to Round Rock oh... 17 days prior).


what's the gooey stuff??

alright, enough being dainty

that's more like it- girl after my own heart

so that was chocolate?!
for me?? big times with cousin Tatum!
Tatum is going to make a great big sister. She was always looking out for Grace and trying to teach her how to play and share

wouldn't be right if there wasn't a birthday suit shot!!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

We made it!!

Thank goodness for movers (and my mom) is all I have to say. This move went pretty smooth. It amazes me that 3 guys can come in and have your home packed up in 3 1/2 hours. What was I thinking when I packed us up while pregnant last year?! It took alot longer to actually get out of the house the next day, those last minute things and tidying it up for continued showings... We are settling in up here in Round Rock pretty well. Love this house and the area. It is a totally different feel here than in San Antonio, much more to our liking. And there is an Ikea right at our exit!!
Grace hasn't seemed to miss a beat. She's happy as long as she is motoring around and flinging toys amid all of the boxes. She now has steps to learn to climb on the front porch. Baxter is happy that he was invited along for one more move and has a better yard for people-watching. There are all kinds of walking trails in the neighborhood and just the neighborhood alone is huge- all kinds of stroller rides and walks for Baxter.
Dan has started at Southwestern this week already and I'll be starting Monday at Children's Cariology Associates in Austin.
Grace likes to see the world upside down lately... or maybe its yoga, downward facing dog??