Monday, September 21, 2009

a cheerleader in THIS house???

The first Saturday of college football, Notre Dame was playing Nevada and Dan asked if we had anything Notre Dame to dress Grace in for good luck. I pulled out her cheerleader's outfit (thanks Maryellen!) and he asked if we had anything else (not a cheerleader's outfit!!). Nope. Next thing you know, she comes running out and someone was asking to have his picture taken with the little cheerleader. Too cute to resist!

And I'm sure you'll see much more of Grace's new best friends, Snoopy and Woodstock. It was her first day of daycare and we decided last minute that we should send her with a stuffed animal along with her blanket for naptime so Dan grabbed Snoopy. They are inseparable! According to her teacher, Snoopy even has his own seat at the table for lunchtime next to Grace. It's like her security blanket, a close second to sucking her fingers. Grandma Pat-Pat gave Dan and I Snoopy & Woodstock very early in our marriage and Baxter tried to claim it as his, especially Woodstock. Who knew it would be Grace's best friend.

Maybe the flowers of the chives plant didn't tast too good...

Football season is officially here! Go Colts!!

Little Glamour Girl putting on her jewelry along with her Colts jersey

It looked pretty ominous last weekend and we finally had some rain deliver when it was forecasted! I was telling Grace about it and realized that it has been a rarity in her life. I think we've had rain worth mentioning only 5 or 6 times since she was born!