Wednesday, January 19, 2011

the big 5 mo

5 months; where has the time gone?! You'd think that the days would creep by staying at home full-time but let me tell you! Each day is a blast, sometimes a bit of a challenge, but always a total blessing. Grace ensures that I will be busy every day and Lia has her list of requests as well but happily rolls along with whatever. She's such a good sleeper. She'll even nap at open gym gymnastics with kids running around jumping and shreiking :)

It only took 5 months, but I have been able to tame the wild, spiky hair. She's working on a new batch of hair. I'm curious to see how its going to look in the next few months.
Big sis wanted in on the action. Cheese...

my 2 year old teenager

I am so glad to live in Texas! We had a week of 'cold' weather last week. Cloudy, dreary rain with a high in the low 40's and it was killin' me! It turned back to sunny and 60 on Monday and I was able to release my monkey to take back over the playground. Who would want to take the easy route and ride down slides when you can climb up and down and up and down the rope ladder. Grace just had to master that while we were there. And don't let these things in the picture below fool you. They look like an odd little flower that's slightly off balance. If you sit on them, they start to move slowly, spinning faster and faster until you are REALLY dizzy. Swagger....

and little Lia chills in the stroller, waking from her nap while Grace conquers the world.

she looks a little devilish, doesn't she?

Monday, January 10, 2011

in the new year

What wonderful things... we helped Grace give us the gift of becoming potty trained just before Christmas. Its not without its accidents and nighttimes will need some time, but boy is it nice! I hope not to jinx it but so far we have not had an accident with a public outting. There are many recon missions to the public restrooms, you know, to touch the germy toilet seats, watch them flush, wash hands, wave hands in front of the papertowel sensors, and occasionally actually going in the potty. I think Grace would be very satisfied if she could sit on and flush each toilet in the restrooms.
Mimi and Papa came and stayed for a week to hang out and help me out while Dan was in Colorado Springs for their Christmas Training trip. There was a whole lot of relaxation and hanging around the house, but I don't think anyone minded. Many block towers were destroyed, books read, babies put to 'night-night'. Grace got to show off her skills at gymnastics. Its funny, but she can do a seatdrop on the couch (unfortunately) but won't do it on the trampoline.

Today in particular was a most glorious day. My job being mom was the easiest its ever been since having 2 (human) kids. It was cold (for Texas, anyways) and I had no intentions of schlepping the girls anywhere; there was no need. We stayed in and played all day and each of my 3 children did very sweet/cute things. I was semi-distracted at the computer, oh, updating the blog, when I looked over and saw Grace down on the floor next to Lia showing her a book and telling her about the pictures on each page and shaking a rattle for her. Its nice to have someone else to entertain Lia, too.
Later, Grace found Baxter's leash and wanted to take him for a walk. He actually let her put his collar on and just as Grace was reaching forward to slide the collar down his neck, Baxter gave her a big, wet kiss. Then he kindly let her walk him around the house, but not without a few dirty looks over his shoulder.
And Lia, well, she's cute, sweet and easy. She just smiles and rolls with whatever comes. I have to say, it was nice to have her doing some tummy time and I think she only spit up once. Lia is the author and founder of the Language of Foo. There is no more sweet cooing, but pursing her lips, and saying Ffffffooooo. She is quite proud of this new language but was rather surprised when I already knew how to speak it.

there she is, speaking Foo

Look at that wild hair!

Who is who?