Thursday, January 10, 2013


 Hermie the Crab

 St. Martin's Bay on the eastern coast looking north at the famous rock formations of Bathsheba

Eastern Coast of Barbados, not exactly sure where as the roads and intersections don't actually have signs.  Luckily the island isn't that big and you can kind of follow your nose to get around.  This is the rough side of the island with the Atlantic and the tradewinds pounding it

 But glorious blue waters... just not very kind




 Crane Beach, next to the Crane Hotel.  Quite a ritzy place.  The following 3 pictures are views from The Crane's property.

Sunrise at our beach, Dover beach

Mullin's Bay on the west coast- much calmer waters from the Caribbean side

 Gracie got to go out on the jetski with dad.  You can just hear the giggles...

 I was very excited to find a conch shell about the size of my hand while snorkling here at Mullin's
 Back to Dover... I just couldn't get enough of the amazing shades of turquoise, emphasized by the perfectly clear blue sky

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